beat poem

i numb my mind with cartoons and high grade marijuana

spouting off outrageous claims like “i am going to kill the

president” or

“i am the chosen one; the sun god told me so”

i am a caffeine fiend and nicotine queen

ex (future) junkie whore if this bit doesn’t work

i remember everything, even the things i say i don’t

every second of this comedy called life

where everyone is seeking mysteries but

forgetting about reality

i see the beauty in all: art, poetry, hoboes, and

naked people dancing in the street

i see the hazy visions

i can never tell for i am the keeper of the children

each and every one of you i am the mother, protector

i am always there, waiting for you

the scandals that surround me are true

i am only half angel

the shadows find me, too

but i know the way

the rest we’ll catch as catch can

burn the flags and smoke the pipes

run with the hunted and hide in the light

win harms

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