philthy philly

does my voice fade with every passing hour?

does my face become hazier every day?

it’s the same for me on this end but

the essence of you is alive and well

in every word i read, every song i hear

i watch him listen to him, fuck him

my disgust grows as i try to forget your name

that terrible city lifetimes ago

that raped me, starved me, infested, infected me

i barely remember its name

but i remember the cadence and disparity

of those days not so long ago as i’d have them believe

when we starved for everything, anything

a hit, a meal, a fuck, a roof, a bed

those nights we bled and cried and created

were more precious to me than all the gold in Egypt

and now it carries me through the mundane

chaos with a hungover chaser is what I need

can i create without the chaotic cavorting?

through those city streets?

without you?



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