80 proof love

 i was dreaming of conclusion when i heard the crash of a hard drive mind in a yellow raincoat his dreams got squared by a second grade teacher who kicked a girl out of class for having cool ideas she says that kids don’t live the way they should radical plans to rule the world i’d run away to canada but i hate the cold eyes of his girlfriend as he sneaks a look in my direction and in his mind i’m running my hands across his thighs i could not help to crucify her in a drunken state on a cross made of bedposts let her die for my sins it plays a trick on my mind i think it’s his knock but white trash climb in my bed and whisper hell into my head if i could get away i would believe in god since it would take a miracle to pull me away from an 80 proof love i chased the tequila sunrise with a three month hangover and i was handcuffed to the steering wheel with my own addictions i saw him die that night with a head full of acid and a stain on his shirt somehow we made it back and i could swear the pavement was melting as she drove past the motel for the seventh time i wanted the gun that held me the night before but it was too late for we were already dead

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