culture shock

the crepuscular dawn lays beside me

as henry miller shakes his cock at me

and doles out a diatribe on art

everyone around me is speaking a foreign language

except for him and an old man in philly

who knew me in the wild west days

i want to jump and scream

that it’s too late now

that all i strived for has perished

in the great fire

all that’s left are the ashes of a husband

whose family disposed of them and me

with a flick of the wrist and

the wink of an eye

but my heart keeps beating

i always wake up

art survives even if it isn’t mine

One thought on “culture shock

  1. henry Miller
    ah yes
    a relief to see
    the mention of someone entertaining and a thinker
    rather than the same
    that seems to pass for words nowadays


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