under control

my bruises were the color of revenge in a pinkish tone

revenge for words i didn’t say words he heard years ago

from some nobody walking down the street like some kind of

hard ass but i got a knife held to my throat as he told me

to take off my clothes   i guess i shouldn’t come here anymore

i never learn   those days were things i couldn’t dream

my mind was liquid and my hands shook   what’s your name

little girl? but i wasn’t little i was 36-24-36 and i could rule

the world   once he took me aside and said don’t you

worry your pretty little head you want it you got it and

and i was a PRINCESS running down the street from

screeching tires that chased me across town and finally

caught up   thrown in the backseat with a half breed

who kissed my neck and took my money my freedom

my life everything will be a.g. ’cause we got it all

under control…and there i lie on this hotel bed

watching him convulse from some kind of overdose

but he’ll be fine ’cause they got it UNDER CONTROL

and i took a 40 oz to quench my thirst as i heard

my name in his plans   i wanna talk and i sighed

knowing no words would come from these lips because

i never had a conversation that involved words when they had me

under control

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