patron saint of philadelphia

i beseech you, our lady of west Philadelphia

i beseech you who saved a man from drowning

in a green river oh! divine mother

look into the eyes of grace and keep her

from entering god’s tavern

whisper to her that our fathers and our heroes

will still be there when it is time to fall,

when the pieta is recreated

oh! lady of west philly

you hold our hearts in your forgiving hands

i beseech you to cover these scars from a

handmade crown of thorns cover them

with love and flowers

i beseech you who exist on a tire swing in

california, in a biker bar in wyoming,

on a farm in nebraska, in a hospital in

chicago, in a garden in new jersey

i beseech you to smile again, smile upon this

grace you created

our lady of west philadelphia use the torch

you carry to call upon jude and michael

to banish these demons and save us from ourselves

i beseech you oh mother to live up to your name

to find your fate and follow your heart

i ask this in the name of a father, a daughter, and a

holy spirit

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