this confession, long overdue, is not sordid and sad

in our confusion and grief one turns the ordinary into

dare i say fantastic? in time the mystery starts to

unravel, and it is seen that life is synonymous with

love, death, beauty, hatred, sex, hunger, greed, and

standing before everything the ever present IF or

GOD the entity that created and drives all living things

\a monarchy for people who fear themselves and the

horrid truth that goes with looking yourself in the eyes

crying when it is better to laugh and hanging on others

as if they are the only thing that can bring you to your

light (she sighed at this point in her drunken rambling

to point out that despite what she said when she was

fourteen, true love does exist, and a long island iced tea

was the only appropriate way to honor dead friends)

confession…i have seen the light and it isn’t far away

just give me your oceans and shores, your

mountains and your trees!!!!

i will bow down and rejoice at these things

my spirit is free even if my hands are bound

now i bid you a fine fare well and may your

journeys be as clusterfucked and chaotic

as mine

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