red wine and whining
about unemployment
the difficulties of
learning a new language
i feel like my star
once rising
is falling
that i have nothing
left to say
left to do
i’ve seen half the world
but only a tenth
of myself
so i stay in
my dirty jeans
and feel sorry
for myself
when i have all
the potential
in my calloused hands

One thought on “tipsy

  1. Why can’t you write them pretty poems like Helen Steiner Rice whose books are usually for sale at truck stops on US two-lane highways? I ain’t knockin this one, but if you spent all your euros on red wine I will be. Google the word ‘chaos’ , open first link, write down all the synonyms –click “more” to get them all. Then scroll down and read the Physics definition and the Greek definition. Then call me re: my life. I have funny stuff to tell you if you don’t have your head in the oven.

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