under lock and key
i sneak a cigarette
during my own drama
isolation is my only friend
as loneliness creeps like
smoke under the door
silent as i seem
my cries say too much

sheltered from an
unforgiving society
wiping the slate clean
is all that keeps me
from freedom
i hate these frozen walls
and being analyzed
i have to get out

intelligent to the
point of insanity
hide behind my
whorish lipstick
suicidal (the doctors
say this will always be)
chemically imbalanced
and all i want
is liberty and
a long bus ride

the burden of lunacy
my dynamic self
is strained
no longer latchkey
but key latched
i care less each time
fun, no, but safe
i suppose
through all fears
i am an angel to
my fellow prisoners

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