i forgot his laugh
immediately after hearing it
the only light i hope for
is the one from my
phone ringing
chartreuse is my
new favorite color
i listen to the old songs
they no longer turn the trick
i hear this in my head
read by a beautiful
half breed
with an accent
i can’t tell the difference
between lie and lay
they travel in the same circles
he is a sin and a lie
he is the water breaking the dam
he is a walking metaphor
for every mistake
in his eyes
in his lips
in the second time
he touched my cheek
i have hallelujah
on my tongue as i
slip off
my second favorite
pair of jeans
and all of a sudden
i find redemption
for the fifty-seventh time
sugar, i’ll meet you
at the last chance hotel
where i’ll breathe you in
like cheap cologne
and you can wear my dignity
like a pair of second hand shoes

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