the great white whale

i forgot to tell you

i had a dream about you last night

drunk in a tuxedo

i was avoiding responsibility and

trying to get you to understand

the way i felt about you

i left my pocketbook with some friends

and when i returned it was gone

so i found you again and

we drank until the sun rose

i was ravished to be in your company

i’m sure that the dream was an omen

that i might lose my soul

if i let myself fall again

but i didn’t and don’t care

before you leave my life for weeks or for years

hear me

hear my cries as you walk away

desperate and sincere

trust that i could fix whatever

you think is broken

your self\deprecation is so fucking charming

but sometimes i want to punch you

would you feel the pain?

disregard everything i have just said

we’ll keep things as they are

if i’ve taken this risk

it’s only because i am drunk and brave

lonely and in love

i long to see you smile just for me

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