the last to know

you my friend there on the lofty heights of love

take heed

for what you do will be done to you tomorrow

the paper feels no pain

i let you see me cry despite my intentions

i wonder if secretly you were gloating or

even aware of the treason you commit so casually

i guess it’s all relative

with time this foolishness will be just that

the past is banging on my door again

failure and fragility

once again i trust no one

foolish in my pride and positive(wishful)thinking

the mosquitoes of time are eating me alive

but my momentary lapse

my sudden show of weakness

has pleased the karmic gods

so i’ll drink to that

i’ll drink to your happiness

cheers to my humiliation

revel in it as you take what was always yours

perfect teeth and pretty hair

just don’t expect me to be there

the next time the world does you wrong

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