doing what i want

i want to engage in bar stool political discourse

and have rain down from heaven

beer and acceptance of my failures

beginning just one more time to understand

myself and my place in this world

i want to listen to water cooler gossip

without it being about me

i come off as scandalous and raucous

when i’m just a girl seeking the ultimate good time

i want for people to stop asking me

what my personal project is

and focus more on who i am as an artist, a lover, a friend

but you can’t always get what you want

i realize from past failures

i’ll just be happy with what i have

and tell everyone who doesn’t like it to

fuck off

my hedonism is not a character flaw

but a liberation of the spirit, the modern woman

now who wants to join me while i do another shot

and hit on the bartender?

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