on the canal

i don’t have to i want to but i can stop this whenever i please i just choose not to his skin was diamond under the red green and blue lights i want him to scratch me like one of the records in his hands i guess i should just kiss you now but then i’d miss you later dada and damsels in distress the wind kissed my face on my way to find him here and the city lights shone as i clutched at the back of a dutchman’s coat now ecstasy in my veins as the world closes around itself and in this moment i see him strutting through the room on the prowl on the move on the take his vanity burning brightly in the glow of a bonfire there is a woman tending that fire and she is looking like his mother the daggers she is casting in my direction as the mating ritual begins makes me suspect it’s something more the string of events that brought this moment are hazy now but all interconnected suddenly the inner hidden hippie comes dancing out and i’m citing mayan mythology and tarot auspices all i want is perfect chaotic love the kind that leaves you baffled in an instant sending shock waves through the crowd they tried to pull me away one minute one kiss too late plans are being hatched great electrifying futures and the makings of a memoir of an escape and as i pull out of the station a train cruises by with graffiti love is a battlefield

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