maybe later

i ain’t getting outta bed today

another in a long series of bad decisions

all the screens are lighting up with possibility

but the rhythm that is driving me causes

temporary paralysis of time

last night the first snows of the season fell

effectively ruining any hopes there were

at the survival of the blossoms

this bipolar relationship keeps me from getting bored

ennui is my personal level of hell

but amid the cacophony of the tension between

words that are breathless from lust

and those that are shouted with cracked voices

i cannot hear my own thoughts

or remember what i am doing here

grandiose plans were made

that i know

but now the winds of change came to a standstill

and with that i lost all motivation

this hibernation of the spirit

will end soon enough

of that i am sure

the ice will melt, the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom

then i will put on my sunglasses and red lipstick

and carry myself along these city streets

with aplomb and radiance

but today

i ain’t getting outta bed


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