shout out to our lady

hey lady light a candle because i’m on the road again

i’ve mislaid the pope’s st. chris 3x

but the mojo seems to be working

because i haven’t been arrested yet

i met a guy who reminds me of jesus

so i am recreating the myth of mary

and anointing him with oils

i realized on this day in the year of our lord 2016

that there was a moment you set me down and

never picked me up again

it took an ocean to cut the chord

but i do not want to be a disappointment

as i stumble around a foreign place

thumbing a madman’s mother’s rosary

our lady of perpetual worry

fear not for all the bs i sling in your direction

at least i can do it in three tongues and various media

oh mother

i wanted to ride on a riverboat, touch the statue of liberty, and be an artist

at least i accomplished the latter

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