Category: beauty

alone at the diner

my lipstick stained coffee cup
stares at me
white and cold like holiness
i inhale the last drag of
my last cigarette
wanting to be left alone
voices swell around my head
in an electric hum buzzing
with uncertainty
this night, cold and black,
seems brighter
then you, you are here


the clock is ticking
long past his photo
and the song keeps playing
long after the door slams shut
the stars fill the sky
after he is asleep
the laughter of a child
continues as he cries
the world keeps turning
the sun stays shining
life keeps going
without him here

raven hair

where have you been all these lonely years,
my raven haired rose?
finally i see the beauty of myself,
of you under starlight
i wish i understood the power inside
and all the countless nights
in other people’s dreams
my magnificent mermaid (if you would
feel so inclined to be mine)
never let the feeling go, keep it with you
one day i will move on
packing up my summer clothes and
wishing i was already gone
your tears, i could bear to see from
your brave brown eyes, but i want to see
sleep now, precious child of the earth,
and dream of a dionysus celebration
women: drunk, naked, dancing amid the trees
i will be there

stream of…

the dog on the bed is snoring like
an annoying one night stand
where did you sleep last night?
thoughts are running so fast
i can’t concentrate on typing
i need a cigarette after
a sleepless night
i feel filthy but
the shower seems like a
dangerous place right now
i’m afraid i would drown in
my deceptions


the wink of an eye
unhinges me and
i think of bare arms
and the moment
he touched me
devil in his eyes
saint in mine
i’ll never have him
but i want him
if my name escapes
his lips
i turn a shade of