Category: words


it smells like spring brewing up a storm he said
south winds and cloudy skies
maybe his eyes were that shade of blue once
before age and experience made them dull
on twenty minute car rides we bonded
our lives were opposite and perpendicular
the meeting point was those car rides
never again will i feel the past that way again

alone at the diner

my lipstick stained coffee cup
stares at me
white and cold like holiness
i inhale the last drag of
my last cigarette
wanting to be left alone
voices swell around my head
in an electric hum buzzing
with uncertainty
this night, cold and black,
seems brighter
then you, you are here

state line

i’m always parked on the line
might be county, might be state
it could even be that thin line
between genius and madness
sometimes they just can’t tell
now i know what freedom is
it’s paving your own road
listening to the rhythm of your heart
i guide life by the moment
the gut wrenching feeling
in your hungry stomach
while you beg change for
cigarettes and coffee
it will never cease to amaze me
the way people survive
in ways all their own
mine is someone to take care of me
night after night in
someone’s arms and
numbing it all away
i think it’s time to grow up
start existing just to live
but why can’t we just remember
what it’s like to be young
and totally unaware of the days
that will come in the future
following the proud highway
one step at a time


i would wash your clothes with my spit
and bathe you in my copious tears
cradle myself in your armchair
after all the dishes were done and
fix every mistake you have ever made
i would walk three thousand miles
just to hear you say hello
and beg for mercy barefoot
and kneeling on hot coals
i would secure you the heavens
with the love i still have
and i would do it in the hopes
of redemption in your eyes

one night

i spread myself like a blanket
under you and suspend
my motions in time to
taste the wickedness of regret
i want to watch as it
all goes up in flames
and sends my prayers in smoke