Links To Publications

this list of links is updated regularly and will provide you with other ways to enjoy my work…stay classy, keep cool…

check out my new poetry book In Harms Way.

see my three poems in urban graffiti

another poem on rusty truck

you’ll have to scroll down a ways to find them, but i now have two poems in issue #15 of ol’ chanty

and i am further appearing with three poems in silver birch press’ summer anthology

plus silver birch has done me the honor of featuring one of my poems on their daily blog, namely teenagers down the shore

hey, and suddenly i have a second book out! it’s entitled October 22

and now three of my poems have been published in unlikely stories: episode IV

silver birch press has put out a Bukowski Anthology in which i have a poem!

oh, and my very first review is in the holland times

when in early 2013 Eddie Woods asked me if i’d like to star in the Yarre Stooker film Mary, based on Eddie’s poem “Mary,” i immediately said Yes! we shot all the footage during the first two weeks of july, and now the film is online. this is it

the Yarre Stooker film Mary, based on Eddie Woods’ poem “Mary” and starring yours truly in the title role, has now been wonderfully presented in Urban Graffiti magazine. you can read the write-up and see the film here

it’s a one-line poem, it’s totally true, and now it’s in rusty truck

what a joy! on june 9th of this year to appear onstage with nine other poets & writers at the 2014 edition of the annual fiery tongues literary festival near amsterdam out in the artists colony village of ruigoord

two new poems published in urban graffiti

a poem i wrote following the death of a contemporary for michelle

very cool interview with my friend and collaborator hideyuki ishibashi connotations interview

this year on may 15th, i make my return to fiery tongues at ruigoord vurige tongen 2016

lookey here!  the revamped version unlikely stories V has three of my political poems

all poems © by winifred harms

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