Tag: dreams

a new world

i like places that smell
like stale beer
and men who worship
my filthy feet
but i’m confusing
faces in my dreams
maybe i’ll see one
in paris or london
far from the
american avenues
of my youth
where we can careen
arm in arm
through the old world
wasted on wine
and maybe find the dream
we were searching for
on that proud highway
so many lifetimes ago


i went walking
to find a friend
but all i found
was a band of gypsies
speaking a language
i didn’t understand
jonesing for the
cigarette that
i had to give up
to save a marriage
i put my sunglasses on
even though
it was raining
and dreamed of
a new dream


i am icarus

i built my wings of dreams and tattoos

when i got too close to the sun

in one of my famous manias

the tattoos scorched and

the dreams started to drop off

one by one

it was then i became a

fallen woman

i didn’t heed the others’ advice

and i plummeted into the depths

of the sea of regret

laughing the whole way down