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she eyes me suspiciously when i tell her

nothing happened

“but he would have had he the chance”

if she could hear she would see

that it is her more than anything

that landed me in that teenage haunt of hers


hangover and coffee

the sound of the hoover

hurts my head

i get the sensation of falling

wake honey baby

who did you drunk dial

last night?

the poem is finished

so i celebrated

even though that boy

didn’t understand

when you write one

good poem

out of thousands

it deserves to be toasted

i imagine hemingway’s last minutes

driven by soul and too much scotch

i wonder if he really wanted to die

i think about what that shotgun felt

like as he held it in his hands

was the barrel cool in his throat; did he gag?

what was his last confession?

a story of a safari gone awry or

his best friend having his leg blown

off in the great war

maybe he thought about a woman he loved

many years ago that didn’t love him back

all these thoughts in those last moments

living is waiting to die

building up to this last moment

channeling your goodbyes

love was a game but it was pretty to think so

of course he had these feelings so

what does that make me

as i contemplate hemingway’s

last lovely minutes?