Tag: lost love

angel’s tattoo

angel wears his tattoo like a shield
pierces his arms and dreams of living
carries his own as he hears the whispering
melodies mingling eyes close
sometimes you can still hear her scream
makes him think of flying

angel unravels a lie and
weaves through the crowd
sees her dance and spirits collide
shining through the chaos
sometimes you can still hear her cry
makes him think of dreaming

angel can see his mojo fading
still he dances in fire and
hides from the light
his eyes shine like gems
and flash sapphire seduction
sanity is relative
sometimes you can still hear
her calling his name
makes him think about dying


the wink of an eye
unhinges me and
i think of bare arms
and the moment
he touched me
devil in his eyes
saint in mine
i’ll never have him
but i want him
if my name escapes
his lips
i turn a shade of