Tag: sex

one night stand

sweet talk him to
breakfast table
but then i cry
i see him
bodies that
wouldn’t touch
today he eats me
with sugar and
impacting my
is no longer
in my


i went searching
for my father
in a lucky seven cab
but found myself
in the backseat
banging liszt
then i cracked
the wing of
a butterfly
and i knew that
he’d be flying soon
coming from the home
of the wild mustangs
it’s usually me
who runs
but this time
he beat me to
the punch

one night

i spread myself like a blanket
under you and suspend
my motions in time to
taste the wickedness of regret
i want to watch as it
all goes up in flames
and sends my prayers in smoke

irish eyes

last night i dreamed of you
at the age when we first met
your irish eyes met mine
we fell into a joyous embrace
as i didn’t expect you to be there
i woke up remembering
the way we waited with
bated breath
our eyes unable to avoid
each other
the electricity as you
stopped the truck
while i was walking and
drove me home
now you drunk dial me
and profess your
undying love
that you want to shout it
but i know now that
i fucked you
just to forget
the hand fate dealt me
that you were just one more
notch in my belt


trying to fix him i took off my shirt
my pants and lay on the floor
trying to love him and make him
worship me i sliced his heart
with my fearless tongue
trying to impress him i wore
a tight shirt and calvin kleins
trying to kill every pain
trying to cover each scar
i drank smoked snorted fucked
why? she beckons
i want to fix it all
i want the pain to go
i want to know what this pain is
and where it came from