heads and tails




sugar dew drop in your words (not unlike happy tears

running down my sunburned cheeks) to live? Not to live?        

that is not a question now nor will it ever be again

characteristically speaking, something about you

travels over my skin like grave dancers and an ocean wave

ecstasy over your curls (creating palpitations with every

touch and never floating far from my mind)

angels covet or want as, covet is sin,

your sun kissed smile and lights (maybe even stars)

brighten when you arrive







transcendent behavior marked by soft words

could i fall so readily?  so out of time and out

of touch?   goddess on my knees   you or

maybe not you (maybe the illusion of you in

my world running faster than sounds) force against

me while the grass turns a shade of love in the

summertime as rain whispers your name in my ear

grasping sugar sunshine in the cool wet places

only you know, only i know we comprehend

illusions not found in the common eye

copyright 2013